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The Frameset
The infamous XC2
The XC2 was designed by Steve Fenton at Coyote Cycles. The mainframe is constructed from 7005 Aluminium, and is connected to a Carbon Fibre swingarm. The single pivot suspension system uses cartridge bearings, and drives a FastTrax SL shock unit (See Also: The Shock).

Tech Specs:

  • Headset Size:
  • Seat Tube:
    Some XC-2s use a 31.2mm ø post, others accept a 27.2mm ø post.
    More Info...
  • Rear Pivot
    Use #6902 bearings. These are available from BETD in the UK.
    More Info....
  • Disc Mounts:
    Most are International Standard (51mm Centre to Centre).
    More Info...
  • Bottom Bracket:
    It uses a 68mm shell / 110mm axle. I believe the axle length can vary according to what cranks/chainset you are using - mine is fitted with Shimano LX chainset. You can buy a BB from Wiggle.
  • Bottle Mounts:
    There aren't any. Buy a CamelBak or similar hydration pack.
    More Info...
  • Replaceable Mech Hanger
    Is the same as the one found on the 1999 Claud Butler Merak. I bent mine and it turned out to be the same as one on the Claud. More info coming soon...
  • Rear Shock Mounts:
    Shock Eye to Eye length is an unknown quantity. Mine is 190mm, it seems others are longer.
    More Info...
  • Multiple Shock Mountings:
    At the front end of the shock (where it meets the mainframe), the mounting the shock in the upper position offers a slacker head angle (slower steering, more stability), and the lower one offers a steeper angle (quicker steering, twitchier handling).
    At the rear (swingarm) end, the lower mounting offers a bit more travel and the upper gives you a bit less.
    Experiment to see which works best for you - but beware, some combinations may make the swingarm bottom out on the mainframe near the main pivot, or cause the shock to scrape the bottom of the swingarm mounting.
More information as I find it.
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