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Is the Coyote XC2 Disc Brake Compatible?

Hope O2s.Contrary to my earlier belief, it seems that XC2s are disc brake compatible. They use International Standard mountings, so putting a disc brake on there should pose few problems.

However, there are some older models that use the old Magura standard spacing. There is a very easy way to check which yours is. Simply measure the distance between the centre of the holes in the disc mount:

If the distance between the two mounting holes (centre to centre) is 51mm, you have an international standard mounting. Go and buy the disc brakes you lust after.

If it isn't, phone Coyote on (0161) 7278508 and ask for an adaptor. I believe that they're free. Now go and buy the discs of your dreams!

Thanks to Steve Fenton, and the guys on the forum for the information.

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